Snugarooz Feel'N Knotty

Feel'N Knotty

Regular price $6.29

Every dog has a knack for getting knotty, but with the Feel'N Knotty toy, they'll choose this enthralling plaything over your favorite shoes! Expertly crafted from durable cotton rope, this toy is both a delight and a durable choice for your furry friend. It features an intriguing design with three knotted strands converging into a larger, central knot and an elegantly braided finish. This structure makes it an excellent choice for exhilarating games of tug-of-war, while also being a favored chew toy during playtime. Specially suited for larger breeds, the Feel'N Knotty promises to keep your pup engaged, entertained, and away from mischief! 23"x2.5"x2.5".

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